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In the Ksiestwo Goralskie, we transfer our clients to the times when Zakopane was the capital of the highest class crafts, and the gifts produced here were famous for their quality and uniqueness not only in Poland, but also in the world. The local craftsmen’s products, as unique in their way, were given in the form of gifts to presidents and the most prominent guests visiting the capital of Podhale.

Księstwo Góralskie Offer

Praliny Góralskie are an incredible trip into sensual experiences.

The taste of chocolate rich in tropical sweetness blends in captivating combinations with gifts of Podhale meadows and forests or tempts us with surprising combinations of tastes of regional Zakopane cuisine.

The distinct aroma of coffee filling, the taste of a milk fudge, velvet toffee or snow coconut delights your senses, bundz, bryndza and a note of angelica will surprise you with its original composition, and the diamond shape of oscypek leaves no doubt: you are in the capital of the Polish mountains, in Zakopane.

Get chocolate jewels with a drop of highlander’s soul that are meticulously produced by the best Zakopane masters of confectionery.

The admiration of the beauty of the Tatra nature, getting to know the culture and tradition of the mountain people led us to prepare a unique collection of jewelry.

The tradition of the Zakopane Woodcutter’s School combined with gold and precious stones have given us the opportunity to develop our imagination and create a design that combines a new perception of the world with the tradition of Polish highlanders.

The spindle shape, ever-present in Podhale, has been included in our flagship collection of jewelry.

It is made of the highest quality gemstones, brilliants and gold. The final shape and character is given by goldsmiths who when working on the Mountain Diamond jewelry combine traditional manual goldsmith techniques and the latest technological achievements of the 21st century.

The Heritage collection is a combination of the legacy of highlander artists with a new look at functional jewelry.

The base for the collection is pink, yellow and white gold combined with diamonds with a full brilliant cut.

The Heritage is true to its name – we discover this heritage again. Therefore, when creating this collection, we again reached for the most common Podhale symbol, and we gave it a new life.

Now it’s your time to discover it for yourself…

Forging original concepts of designers doing work for Księstwo Góralskie into precious metal, the best Zakopane masters of handicraft created a unique collection of interior lighting – an unparalleled combination of highlander’s craft and modern design thought.

Proud of the quality of handicraft, we give you these unusual objects of applied art. It does not matter whether it is golden brass forming a princely frame for the amber fire captured in the diamond glass or cold chrome harmonising with natural mountain crystals that lavishly spreads rainbow sparks all around! Each interior will gain an exceptional character when illuminated with a gentle light of lamps resembling jewels.

We invite you, Dear Traveller, to have a tour of the world of light and atmospheric beauty captured in our lamps and wall lights. Take them with you as a memory of Zakopane.

We are proud and truly pleased to you a collection of furniture … that was created out of respect for the Zakopane tradition and admiration of the pure modern form.

Careful craftsmanship and commitment to the highest quality of materials are the spiritual heritage of generations of ancestors who have drawn inspirations from the ideas of the School of Wood Industry for nearly 150 years; when combined with original designs of architects doing work for Księstwo Góralskie in the modern Zakopane style, they add a timeless dimension to created works of applied art.

The uncompromising strive for excellence and pure perfection are work standards of Zakopane craftspersons and works of furniture art made by them.

The perfection of the form, precise workmanship, a careful choice of top-quality materials and the strict selection of wood result in unique products that can only be defined as masterpieces.

Design office where we treat each subject as a separate challenge and a great adventure on which we always take our customers with great pleasure.

Bowing down to the history of the famous School of Wood Industry from Zakopane, whose ideas have been a model of beauty for local artists for nearly 150 years, we have created from scratch our original interior designs for restaurants, houses, hotels and public buildings.

Each design is based on looking for simple solutions with respect for the rules of design art.

Tradition, context and program are the signposts that we follow in order to solve problems, and responsibility and professionalism are inseparable elements of the process. Our knowledge, experience and technical means allow us to carry out even the most demanding projects.

In our workshop, we have an uncompromising approach to the precise preparation of documentation, and the insight and creativity of our designers are our trademark on the market.

The scope of our office activities encompasses designs of public buildings, multi-family houses, hotels, boarding houses, detached houses, urban development plans, architectural & urban regeneration projects, as well as interiors and industrial designs.

An ideal souvenir…

The beauty, pride and proud highlander’s spirit captured in masterpieces of Zakopane masters drawing inspirations from ideas of the famous School of Sculpture (currently the School of Wood Industry) are true jewels from the crown of the Polish Tatras. An exceptional souvenir from a visit to Księstwo Góralskie.
Dear Traveller, take a scrap of pure Zakopane soul with you.

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