o nas księstwo góralskie

Local inspiration
world quality

„to take (…) simple art poured by highlanders in decorations of their
home appliances, tools, their costumes, and by developing elements in
this manner, we could come up with a decorative style
whose special value would lie even in its uniqueness itself”

said Karol Buls, the mayor of Brussels, about the artistic activity of students of the School of Sculpture in Zakopane, Diary of the Tatra Association vol. VIII, Kraków 1878.

Księstwo Góralskie is a magical place of experiences where the past intertwines inseparably with the present, leaving our senses bewildered for a long time. Where the charm and indelible memories of the Tatras captured in the crown jewels of our products accompany Dear Travellers, captivating them with taste, touch and sight, like precious experiences brought from Zakopane.

For almost 150 years, the famous
School of Sculpture (currently the School of Wood Industry) in Zakopane

has set trends of folk art in an uncompromising style. The masterpieces of craft made by excellent students of the School during renowned exhibitions and competitions enchanted not only Kaiser Franz Joseph, but also many famous world politicians, writers and diplomats over the decades.

o nas księstwo góralskie

źródło: Archiwum

These are also the roots of the idea and the inspiration for the creation of crown jewels of Księstwo Góralskie: Praliny Góralskie – the pralines whose deep velvet chocolate taste remains for a long time, bringing back memories of nice moments spent in the capital of the Polish mountains; Mountain Light – a lamp with a gentle glow lighting up the refine interiors, whose exceptional highlander’s style keeps an undisturbed balance between what was once and what is now; Mountain Diamond – an elegant and luxurious collection of unique jewellery inspired by the spirit of the Tatras, which combines the crystal shine of eternal diamonds with a timeless form given by masters of jewellery art from Zakopane.

We invite you to enter the unique world of Księstwo Góralskie, whose crown jewels we are proud to give to Dear Travellers. They will delight your senses for a long time before time fades memories of charming moments spent in the capital of the Polish Tatras.