Investment plot for sale

Sale or acquisition of investors for the implementation of the development concept of Parking lot | Dworzec Zakopane Shopping Mall

Investment plot for sale, located in the center of Zakopane, next to the train station.

  • plot area of 6,766 m2
  • compliant with the local land development plan:
  1. build-up area: 95 %
  2. biologically active area: 5%
  3. maximum height of the building: 25m
  4. implementation of various forms of roofs: flat, multi-partition roofs
  • Four concepts have been drawn up for the offered property. Two of them comprise a multifunctional building, i.e. with a multi-level underground parking lot, train station center, conference rooms, shopping mall, office space, hotel and apartments for sale. One of the concepts entails 31,630 m2 of usable and residential space whereas another 40,000 m2 of usable and residential space. The next concept involves a multi-level parking lot with 765 parking spaces and a retail section, i.e. a store with an area of approx. 10,000 m2. The final concept, which is currently under development, also involves a multi-level parking lot with a retail section, but with a larger parking capacity.

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